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The Tent pic

World of Wearable Art

In 1990, Suzie Moncrieff invited me to work on her Wearable Art Show in Nelson. The experience was an enjoyable one in so many ways and I feel fortunate to have been invited to work on scripting and/or stage design on almost every show since.

The annual show is an art and fashion competition where entered garments are showcased in a distinctive two hour-long theatrical extravaganza.

Apart from my "archive" of script notes and stage and set designs I have very few photos of the elements I was involved with over the years. One exception is a set I designed for the Bizarre Bra section of the 2006 Show, themed around a travelling Gypsy Burlesque Circus.

Bizarre Bra Set (2006)

Early storyboard for the section

Images of construction and rehearsals taken by Mary, Gary and myself.

Video of technical test (without cast of 8 dancers, lighting or chosen music)

The set comprised a large piece of fabric, detailed with references to burlesque costumes. A complex rigging set-up allowed it to change form dramatically during the performance, beginning with the raising of the circus "tent"....

Many were involved in realising the "tent", key people being, Mary Bier (seamstress), Gary Buckley (decorative elements), and Andrew Gibson (rigger).