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Capital Discovery Place

Capital Discovery Place, Te Aho A Maui, (CDP) was a hands-on museum for children in which science and technology were presented in a vivid and accessible way.

In 1990 I was invited by Phillip Tremewan, the then Director, to join the development team that included Paul Thompson, Hinemoa Hilliard, Angela Busby and Dave Jenkins.

After some initial development and once decisions were made on what exhibits CDP would open with I was given responsibility for the design of the Confidence Exhibit, subsequently known as Te Maunga, The Mountain. The Exhibit development team for Te Maunga was Jean Betts, Hinemoa Hilliard and myself. More info...

The Confidence Exhibit, Te Maunga, opened successfully with six of the forty proposed experiences. It was never completed and, sadly, is no more. It remains a highlight in my life and nothing would give me more pleasure and satisfaction than putting all the research and knowledge gained into realizing a new 'Playground'. I have almost no images of the finished exhibit. If you have any or know of some, please contact me.

- site
- Development of concept model
- model and construction
- Finished exhibit

Video - highlights of Opening