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101-ink_on_paper-640x9001 105-ink_on_paper-420x3002 106-charcoal_on_paper-595x9503 109-ink_on_paper-640x9004 110-ink_on_paper-635x5245 112-felt_pen_on_paper-635x5246 113-ink_on_paper-640x4507 114-ink_on_paper-640x450-wh8 115-ink_on_paper_640x9009 116-ink_on_paper-640x45010 104-ink_on_paper-635x52411 117-ink_on_paper-635x524-wh12 119-ink_on_paper-524x63513


tree pic


Drawing has always been a part of my life and a useful skill for the work I do in film, theatre and the various other projects I'm involved with. I love life drawing especially... for its simple process and immediacy, a kind of meditation requiring as little 'thinking' as possible, while the other drawings I do may take weeks of research, planning and more often than not, too much thinking. I like to keep a balance between both.

To purchase prints of some of Joe's artworks, go to www.artfinder.com/artist/joe-bleakley/

or contact Joe direct.

Images of artwork